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Fast spinning with visual lights


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  'Upgraded' is a corporation with Pyroterra Lighttoys, powered by their high-quality LED technology on the juggling staff, stage decorations, and even on the costume, perfectly synchronized on the music Duration.


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Red or Blue

Fast Staff Spinning & Juggling act

'Red or Blue' is a staff juggling act of the highest caliber. click to read more:

Illustrating the tale of a man who insisted on simultaneously ingesting both red and blue pills and the chaotic consequences.


First prize in the Modi'in circus festival, Israel 2017.

Duration 5:40min

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Public speaking with real life performance

More details coming soon

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Staff spinning

Online course

Master the art of staff spinning

In this course, I will teach you how to

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spin FAST using the full wrist rotation technique and

other awesome tricks that can be learned

only in this course.

We will be learning from the most basic

staff spinning

and go all the way to crazy fast moves with

single staff, double staff, and even with the triple staff!

Once you purchase the course you get lifetime access

to more than 20 years of experience.

Everything that I had to figure out by myself will be explained

in detail, with slow motions, and first-person shots

to make it easier for you to understand, learn and execute.

I discovered the staff spinning for the first time at the age of 12.

I had a juggling class in elementary school and I learned all sorts of juggling props, but quickly I knew that the staff spinning is what I love the most.

My juggling instructor didn't know many tricks with the staff and back then, there were no tutorials on how to spin staff online, so I had to invent tricks by myself, and after years of training, I developed a unique style that combines mostly fast spinning with full wrist rotation and complex manipulation.


At age 21 I was the first staff spinner to be accepted to study in the professional circus schools in France - Ecole des Arts Du Cirque Le Lido, Toulouse.

As part of this school program, we had to make a new performance every month in front of a real audience for three years and the teachers pushed us to express ourselves and use our creativity on stage using our skills.

I studied in this school for three years, then I worked in Canada for Cirque Eloize and Cirque du Soleil, in their show Monaco.

Since then I've been performing and teaching in more than 30 countries for different projects, circus, gala, and variety shows.

In 2020 I corporate with Pyroterra- Fire and Light show company from the Czech Republic, and together we created my solo performance called "UPGRADED" using their most advanced visual light effect on the staffs, decorations, and costume.

During the covid19 I've made a Staff spinning online course, for anyone who what to learn and master the staff spinning.

In addition to my shows, I also give lectures combined with real-life performances, aimed at schools in different countries for kids and teenagers, to inspire them to follow their talents and passion by showing them my story and the challenges that I faced that many young kids that can relate.




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