Amit Kenig

Staff spinner | Performer | Teacher | Public Speaker

My acts

'Red or Blue' is a staff juggling act of the highest caliber. click to read more:

Illustrating the tale of a man who insisted on simultaneously ingesting both red and blue pills and the chaotic consequences.


First prize in the Modi'in circus festival, Israel 2017.


(Duration 5:40min) 



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  'Upgraded' is a corporation with Pyroterra Lighttoys, powered by their high-quality LED technology on the juggling staff, stage decorations, and even on the costume, perfectly synchronized on the music.

(Duration 7:30min) 


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Online course

"Staff spinning mastery"

Online course

Would you like to learn how to spin staff like me? This online course will guide you step by step from the foundation of staff spinning all the way to my own current level.

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You will learn how to spin fast using the full wrist rotation technique and many other awesome tricks with single staff, double staff, triple staff.

Lecture + performance

In this lecture combined with a real-life performance, I'm sharing with the audience my story

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From the challenging beginning to my current success, starting as a kid on the spectrum with difficulty to communicate and to receive information, which led to bullying and rejection from other kids and the large gap in school, made me having low self-esteem, overweight, and depression.


Then I explain how the staff spinning, and performance improved my grades in school, my communication skills to making friends and connections with people from different countries, my confidence to express myself on stage in front of thousands of people around the world, and most importantly, I became a happier person with big ambitions in life.


I will share with the audience the mindset and tools that helped my own success so they can use it to achieve their own personal success.

One of the topics will be "How to stay persistent in your training and your mission", "Dream small dream big" "Be unique in your craft", "The importance connections and how to make them" "Live your life like a performer" and more. 


Over 15 years of performance and teaching around the world this lecture create a striking, inspirational experience with the tools and mindset for individual success and to show them the benefits of staff spinning/juggling and the importance of learning to express yourself in front of people.


This lecture is for:

1. Kids and teenagers with any kind of difficulties that challenges them to be confident in themselves.

2. Parents who wish to help their kids to feed in, to succeed, and be happy.

3. Anyone who feels they don't really live their full potential, who wants to discover their unique talent and live a life of purpose.



Duration 60min (option for adding a staff spinning workshop after the lecture)   


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Photography: Celeste Veurman

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