A.K staff spinning online course

Leran step by step from begging all the way to my current level 

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In online course I will guide you step by step from the fondation of staff spinning all the way to my own current level click here to read more:



You will learn all my Staff spinning, juggling and manipulation move with 1,2,3 and 4 Staff, including my double Staffs moves that my students always happy to learn.



What's special about this course?

In 2003 I discovered the Staff for the first time, in a juggling class I had in my elementary school. My juggling teacher only knew few basic tricks and back then there was no one to teach me how to play with staff, so what I did I invented tricks by my self and with time and a lot of practice I developed my own unique style how to spin Staff.

Over the years my technique I was influenced from juggling, baton twirling, fire knifes, Bo Staff, dance and a lot of inspiration by practicing with professional  circus artists in the circus school I studied in France.



What this course goals?

This course is here to guide you to reach your own personal goal - If it's to reach high level of skill and puch your self even higher, or if you just want to do it for fun and learn some cool moves, or maybe you wan tto become a professional artist performing with your staff act around the world like me, maybe you are a professional practitioner who's wants to had new skills to his craft. It can be anything.

My personal goal is to share my passion to anyone around the world who wantś to learn from me and to see your unique way using what you learned so you can use this skills as a tool to express your self, if it's on stage like me or just for fun with friends or showing your badass moves on videos online. I hope to see new generation of staff spinners developing what I teach to even higher level.



For who this course is for?

This course is for everyone - Beginners or advance practitioners with any form of Staff (Flow staff artists, Baton twirlers, Martial artists, Athletes, dancers, actors, cosplay, darth maul's apprentices, you name it!

It doesn't matter if you never touch a staff before or a professional staff artist. What I teach in this course is a different approach to Staff and many of the tricks you will learn are tricks I invented throw the years, so everyone will get a lot of value from it.

I put most of my focus to make this course clear as possible and guide you step by step from the the most basic all the way to my top current level, so even the most beginners can start becoming a staff professional Staff spinner. All you need is to watch the lessons in the course and practice.