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Red or Blue

Juggling Act

Red or Blue? All Amit is offering us is to be taken by the rabbit hole to a wild, high-energy, quirky world. With the balance between mania and elegance, Amit's mesmerizing staff act is breathtaking in its artistry and unmatched skill. Amit is currently the fastest staff juggler in the circus world.



Light Show Act

Insanely fast performer in a futuristic show.

The collaboration between international company Pyroterra - Lighttoys and the incredible artist Amit Kenig resulted in a high-tech show called "Upgraded".

The combination of innovative digital effects with the specific staff manipulation and speed only Amit possesses takes place in an iconic LED installation. 


The Spectacular Child

Lecture + Performance

In this combined lecture and juggling performance, Amit shows the way in which focused development of talent can become the key to empowerment and fulfillment even in situations of dealing with challenges such as lack of social skills, social labels, diagnoses, and even those on the autistic spectrum. This lecture gives hope and inspiration to people of all ages that everything is possible.

Online course

Learn Staff Spinning with
Amit Kenig


In this online course, Amit teaches his unique style with staff - “How to use the full motion of the wrist for fast spinning and for a maximum number of spins”.


Mastering this technique allows spinners to spin faster with less effort, as well as opens endless possibilities with single staff, double staff, and even with triple staff.

Online Course


Amit Kenig is a world-renowned Artist from Israel - Performed in more than 30 countries and worked for big companies such as

Cirque Eloize, Canada in their show “Monaco”

(a collaboration with Cirque Du Soileil),

Cirque Dreams, US tour, show “Holidaze”,

Fridrichsbau Variete, Germany, show “Grand Revue” and many more.


Amit is currently collaborating with the international company from the Czech Republic “Pyroterra Lighttoys” and together they created Amit’s new solo act called “UPGRADED”, performing with it around the world.



In addition to his performing career, Amit also gives lectures across the country to inspire people of all ages to follow their passion, especially for those who are having difficulties fitting into society because of diagnoses and social labels, and show them that struggles and limitations can be an opportunity to evolve for a meaningful life.






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