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This course is for anyone who wishes to master the art of staff spinning or just want to learn a few awesome and fast moves with single, double and triple staffs

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Hello, my name is Amit

I discovered my passion for staff spinning at the age of 12.  Back then I had no one to teach how to spin the staff, so what I did I invented tricks by myself,  and with time and a lot of practice, I developed my own unique style with staff spinning.

In 2012 I was accepted to study in the professional circus school "Le Lido" in Toulouse, France.

After my graduation, I got a job in Canada, as a performer in the show "Monaco", a collaboration between Cirque Eloize and Cirque du Soleil. 

Since then I have performed in more than 30 countries for known companies, Circus, variety, and other projects. Also teaching young artists around the world.

In 2020 I collaborated with the fire and light show company from the Czech republic "Pyroterra" and together we created my new solo act "UPGRADED" using their most advance Led on the staffs, decorations, and costume. 

Recently I also made my first Lecture "Mind over matter". In this lecture with a live performance, I share my story of how I started as a kid diagnosed with a neuronal problem and how I became an international performer.

This lecture made to inspire and give hope for kids and teens who are having a difficult time integrating into society, and show them that if I manage to get this far they can as well.  This lecture is also for parents and teachers to show them how important they're supporting the kids so they can live a life of fulfillment and without any titles from society determine their life.





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