Amit Kenig is constantly moving on stage spinning and tossing the luminous Staffs at ultra-high speed.

Starting with one Staff and working up to four, flirting and chatting with the crowd, clowning around…. all perfectly coordinated with the upbeat music.


Delivering the ultimate light, sound and motion entertainment, Amit Kenig’s acts are a breathtaking experience for audiences of all ages from all over the world.

Red or Blue

Which would you choose? 

The power and wit of a god, but with an uncontrollable rage… 
Or true happiness, but with a foolish innocence…. 
Red or Blue is a Staff Juggling act of the highest calibre, illustrating the tale of a man who insisted on simultaneously ingesting both red and blue and the chaotic consequences. Co-directed by Bernard Hazen, Amitstaff masterfully weaves this tale combining the highest level of staff juggling with physical movement and a maniacal humor

Total Length - 5:30 min. Contact me to watch the full act 


“Blue or Red” won first place at “Modiin 2017 Circus Festival” in Israel.


When Technology and Speed come together!

A dramatic combination of the highest technique in Staff manipulation and mesmerizing light effects, creates the ultimate visual experience, and promises an unforgettable performance.

​This performance is inspired by Video Games.  The lights along with the Staffman’s continuous motion on stage flow seamlessly with the music played in this act.


Total Length - 4:30 minutes.  Contact me to watch the full act


*The act is in its last stage of development.

T: +972 502645666

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