Let’s do some “Staff” together!

Amit aimed for perfection and in time he developed his own unique Jugg-Staff (Staff juggling)  method that set him apart from other Staff performers.
His technique focuses on extreme rotation speed with minimum physical effort, along with juggling and spinning up to 4 Staffs (!) simultaneously.
Today he is sharing his knowledge and experience of Staff manipulation in his workshops around the world.  

The workshop is an experiential training work space. The training focuses mainly on maximizing wrist rotation in order to reach the highest spinning speed in conjunction with minimal physical effort.

Starting with 1 Staff, basic body positioning and correct handling; gradually progressing to 2 and 3 Staffs and higher levels of control. Training with Amit also involves practicing intense concentration and correlation techniques in every step of the course.   

Class 1

Lesson #1
- Spinning the Staff  correctly
- Basic exercises with 1 Staff

Lesson #2
- Implementing three different combinations made using the exercises that were learned in the first lesson

* This class is also recommended for people who have experience with Staff-juggling


Class 2

Lesson #3
- Spinning 2 Staffs
- Learning additional exercise combinations with 2 Staffs

Lesson #4
- Challenging spinning manipulation using 2 Staffs along with a unique “Staff on Staff” contact manipulation.

Class 3

Lesson #5
- Practicing and polishing the exercises learned in previous lessons
- Learning advanced manipulations according to the trainees progress at that point

Lesson #6
- Learning the 3 Staff spinning and juggling technique

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